Watch those pennies… Ways to save money

There are plenty of simple ways to save on your regular spending that could free funds to help clear debt, save or make available for other here to find out..

  1. Review your mortgage payments you could end up saving thousands of pounds.
  2. Make a start on clearing you credit card(s) – the most expensive one first.
  3. Cut the cost of your fuel bills – change your supplier and pay less every month.
  4. Cut down on your phone bill – shop for cheaper alternatives. Consider a pay-as-you-go mobile phone.
  5. Make a shopping list and stick to it. Go to the market – you will find the produce is cheaper
  6. Consider shop grand goods.
  7. Bin the ready meals – prepare your own food, it is fresher and much cheaper
  8. Steer away from designer clothing.
  9. Get an extra job – look into earning extra cash.
  10. Book travel tickets early – it works out cheaper.
  11. Cut down on ther drinking
  12. Use your library
  13. Buy clothes and presents in the sales
  14. Shop online

Do you have any money saving tips and ideas to share?
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