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The main aim of the Green Money section is to highlight possible areas where you could save money for yourself as well as also doing you own little bit towards saving the planet from this continually disintegration earth’s resources and continual C02 emissions.


We currently have a global problem with producing too much waste and using up too many finite natural resources to make new items.  It is in our interests to reduce our consumption of goods made with previously unused resources or using excessive packaging. 

The first three principles in reducing waste and use of resources are: reduce, re-use and recycle.  Fortunately, following these principles is also good for the saving money and the management of finances. 


We are providing a list of recycling options and re-use options.  We have divided the list up in to Green options where you can make some money while recycling your waste products, some recycling options sites that provide more information about how to recycle all possible waste products and some re-use sites that might be able to provide free or low cost products.
We will also cover areas how you can save some MONEY just by being green and upholding the values of being green.