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Conserve your cash in the credit crunch

In the current financial climate, everyone is tightening their belt – even those still living comfortably have admitted to reigning in their spending in light of the economic crisis. As bargains become the new ‘cool’ we present our top twenty ways to conserve your cash.


  1. Shop around
  2. This goes for everything, be it your credit card, household bills or where you do your weekly shop. Use to find the cheapest petrol station in your local area. Check out who has the best deals and switch your custom to ensure that you are always getting the best price.

  3. Re-generate your wardrobe
  4. Instead of throwing away old clothes, try updating them. You could give shoes and clothes a fresh new look by dyeing them a different colour, or alter old clothes so that they fit in with this season’s hot cut.

  5. Switch to cash
  6. Try to avoid spending on your cards and get used to using cash. It is proven fact that those who use cash spend less money. You could even leave your cards at home for the day, just taking the amount of cash that you need for the day, avoiding the temptation to make impulse buys.

  7. Take a packed lunch
  8. An average shop bought sandwich costs around £2 to buy and just 40p to make at home. You can use leftover dinners and delicious homemade snacks to make a lunch which costs a fraction of the price and is the envy of all your colleagues!

  9. Use your talents
  10. If you have a passion or skill, see if you can use it to make some extra cash. You could sell home made jams, chutneys or pies at a local farmers market or offer dressmaking services in a local paper.

  11. Exercise for free
  12. Instead of paying expensive gym memberships, go for a run or organise regular sporting activities with your friends. If you prefer to work out indoors you could follow a fitness dvd at home.

  13. Check out charity shops and car boot sales
  14. You can find all sorts of bargains at car boot sales and charity shops. Clothes, CDs and DVDs are common items, as are children’s toys and books, but the beauty of these places is that you never know what you are going to find.

  15. Ditch birthday cards
  16. Save paper waste by sending electronic greetings cards, or get creative and make your own. The effort and time which you put in will be much appreciated and your card will stand out from everyone else’s.

  17. Use vouchers and discounts
  18. Look online for offers and discount vouchers. has offers on many attractions and restaurants, while and list the weeks best discounts and offers from major names such as Dixons, Marks and Spencers, Pizza Express and many more.

  19. Refuse to pay premium rates
  20. Lots of companies give 0845 and 0870 contact numbers which are expensive to call and are not usually included in call packages with free minutes. Avoid using them by finding alternative numbers at