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Budgeting your Benefits
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We propose to deliver half day workshops which will encourage attendees to review their money management processes with the view to implement new and innovative money saving techniques. Our workshop will be supported by a power-point presentation but this will only be used as a visual aid as we aim to get the best results out of interaction with the group. We will start by introducing ourselves and we will explain the background of the qualified presenters and DDUK as a charity. We will then proceed by presenting the group with some shocking facts and figures regarding debt and the knock on effects of debt, relating to mental and physical health. We will end the hour by interacting with the group and getting to know them and what they look to get out of the workshop. After a short break we will then explain the importance of budgeting and practical methods of implementing such techniques.


NEET / Uneployed

We will then hand out the budget calculation form and explain how it can be used to save money. The group will be divided into smaller groups where they will be tasked to complete a budget on a case study. Each group will have a different case study that will relate to their own circumstances. After lunch a nominated representative will present to the group their findings. This will then lead to an interactive forum where we can make an overall assessment and evaluation of budgeting and money management. After going over some do’s and don’ts regarding credit and loans we will present the group with innovative ways to save money and make money. We will end the workshop with a question and answer session which will also be used to collect data and feedback.