Credit Score
What is your | credit score?

How healthy are you with regards to your finances?

Due to the current economic crisis it is a known fact that many of us have defaulted in one or more financial commitments hence – planning and reviewing your finances is vital.


In the first instance it would be useful to check your credit report, as not many people know what information is held in these records – in fact this should be done regularly to monitor and deal with any updates as appropriate. Your credit report looks at how long you have been at your address and whether you are on the electoral roll. Some important tips:

    1. Unused accounts are often forgotten about, and if you have an unused account that you have forgotten to close this may go against you. Keep active accounts open and make all your payments on time.

    2. Look for links with people you no longer have financial association with.

    3. Unfortunately - a healthy salary is rarely taken into account with credit reports and credit worthiness.


You can get your credit report from:


Experian Credit Expert Equifax Check My File

what you find may shock you – the detailed balance history contained in the report often serves as a real eye-opener.


Get a copy of your credit report today and conduct a health-check on your finances.