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A promise to myself to make the most of my money…
About the DD-UK Money Pledge

A personal pledge to myself to make an effort to think and act in ways that help me to make the most of my money…


The aim of the DD-UK Money Pledge is to empower people to make a positive change in how they manage their finances. This unique and important pledge is composed of a personal checklist with a selection of 10 simple and effective ways to manage your money. Hundreds of people have already taken the DD-UK Money Pledge and are now playing an important role developing awareness of the importance managing money effectively.


My 10 Money Promises

I promise:

  1. to plan my money carefully and to use a budget always to monitor my spending.
  2. to do a credit check and look after my financial health today!
  3. to check statements regularly
  4. to seek help about my finances immediately
  5. to get the best deal on credit cards, mortgages and/or loans
  6. to set financial priorities – ensure that my basic needs are met: water, food and shelter for example.
  7. to spend what I have and make savings whenever and wherever I can
  8. to go green – buy only what I need and reduce waste
  9. to diversify my investment  and not to put all my eggs in one basket – consider bonds, shares or stocks
  10. not to give up – if I fall off the horse, dust myself off and get right back on!
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