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Every pound you donate goes straight into delivering quality services to people in debt or who at the risk of getting into debt.


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This section is full of ideas for how you, the individual fundraiser, can help to support DD-UK’s work for people in debt and those at the risk of getting into debt. Whatever method you choose, DD-UK can supply you with advice and resources to make your fundraiser a success.

Your support is greatly appreciated. No matter how big or small the sum you raise it will make a real difference to the lives of people who need support living in the UK.

  • Raise £20 and we could provide with counselling, support and advice to help a family avoid losing their home.

  • Raise £75 and we could supply learning material for a class of 30 children, educating them about the importance of money management and creating 30 more responsible citizens. Each kit contains practice sheets, fact sheets and fun activities.

  • Raise £200 and we could recruit, train and support 2 volunteers to help deliver workshops in schools, play centres and clubs – enabling the young to be more aware and informed on money and spending.

  • Raise £1250 and we could provide money education workshops and resource packs to a whole school.

There is a huge range of fun and exciting activities and challenges you can participate in to raise money, from trekking and running to dress down days at work and quizzes.

Best of luck with your fundraising and don’t forget to send us your completed event form so we know what your plans are – and a photo of your fundraising activity so we can celebrate your success afterwards. 


For help with your fundraising, please contact Fundraising on 0207 602 8306 or email


3.Legacy and In Memorium

A gift in your Will will help us be there for future generations.

Leaving a legacy is a wonderful way to make your support for DD-UK live on, even after you have gone.


We believe that everyone has a right to a financial education. Your legacy will support our ongoing work to achieve this. It will help fund projects which may take many years to complete – but will help countless people. Legacies also give us the financial resources to cope with things for which we cannot plan or forsee – like the Credit Crunch or Recession for example.


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Speak to our Legacy Manager on 0207 602 8306 or email at



Why should your company partner with DD-UK?

DD-UK’s work is ongoing, allowing your company to pursue its long-term strategic goals. DD-UK is focused on building long term partnerships with companies in order to provide maximum rewards for both parties.

Please contact Fundraising on 0207 602 8306 or email the team at


5.Groups, Clubs and Organisations 

We are always looking for organisations to become affiliated with, so if you would like more information please email or phone us on 0207 602 8306.



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