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Debt Doctors Foundation UK is moving forward at a rapid rate. This is due to an increase in public awareness, hard work and sheer grit determination on behalf of everybody associated with DDUK. This has helped highlight our much needed and important work in the community. We have attracted funding from the private and public sector. DDUK is now in a position to turn local pilot projects into nationwide programmes. This is why we now need your support more than ever!


DDUK has now launched the exclusive ‘Membership Club’. To join is simple. Donate a minimum of £1 and you will automatically register for our weekly newsletter, be eligible for half price discount on DDUK publications, receive 25% discount on DDUK merchandise and have first refusal on celebrity balls, gala’s, events, seminars and workshops.


£1 can provide a child with a complete money education information pack. Our ‘Money Education Project’ aims to raise further funds so we can give each child a copy of our ‘Money Penny Family book’. So please, become a member today and help support our push to educate our future generation about the true value of financial wellbeing.