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Lot 1 | Eleanor Lindsay Fynn




Eleanor’s work is often inspired by her experiences of dissociation. Feelings of ‘going through the motions of life but not experiencing it, feeling as though one is in a movie or dream and a difficulty of relating oneself to reality’ (DSM-1V 300.6). Eleanors work is full of colour and her unique use of digital photography sets her apart from current photographers, giving her art a niche. www.elfynn-photos.com




Lot 2 | Ruthie Holloway - Naked Truth





Holloway offers a fresh and racy approach to textile art, forming images of the body using her unique perspectives both physically and metaphorically. Defying the conventional two-dimensional surface, she takes fabric stretched canvases and papers, stitching them with threads, beads, and crystals. A Crash Course in Fantasy is Holloway’s latest collection, including the donated piece ‘If Lady Chatterley’s lover was a burlesque dancer’. Combining well-known classics popular culture of today, she urges us to look at these conventional perceptions of the female form and view the “modernisation” she has given them. www.ruthieholloway.com




Lot 3 | The Dorchester London


Dorchester Hotel



Two nights at Dorchester Hotel with delux suite, king size bed with breakfest and champaign for a romantic weekend out.