The MoneyPenny Family Children's Book Series
Lost Money Box

A series of 10 books to delicately raise awareness of financial matters in children from an early age, through illustrated stories with a simple and effective message.

Partnership with Experian
Debt Doctors Foundation UK (DD-UK) announces charity partnership with Experian…

Experian Partnership


Reduce Debt and Prevent Financial Worry
Commit today to reversing the trend and avoiding unnecessary stress – saving not only money but your health as well.

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Welcome|Debt Doctors Foundation UK

Debt Doctors Foundation UK (DD-UK) works for better lives for people at risk of getting into debt and already affected by debt.


We provide support through:
  • Promoting debt education in primary and secondary schools via discussion sessions, seminars and workshops. For adults free online debt advice, online forums, helpline and counselling sessions.

  • A resourceful and interactive website providing balanced information, forums for discussion and advice/counselling on debt and being in debt

  • Offer support, information and signposting to other sources of help & publications (books, newsletters etc).

Debt Doctors Foundation UK - Live News
Debt Doctors Foundation UK provides vital money education to children and adults and offers counselling, advice and support to those facing financial difficulty. We will be keeping a weekly video blog, keeping you up to date with the latest news regarding money, education and debt. Tune in each week for updates on our work and information on the issues which we deal with on a daily basis.


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Membership Club

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Loan shark scams woman...
Manchester jury hears moneylender made £3m profits, as Newcastle court is told loan shark made £88,000 from £500 loan...

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Kids say the moniest...
Money education charity PFEG questioned 9 year olds Grace, Caitlyn, Keyara, Edward, Verity, and Ben about a number of money issues...

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Budgeting – get organised...
Budgeting is an excellent way of establishing your financial goals and monitoring your financial achievements and successes.

To download a simple sample budget spreadsheet Click Here
Virtual bargains
Shoppers go online…
Current instability is driving buyers to the internet in search of bargains and discounted goods, and value for money.

What is your credit score?
With Christmas celebrations in the offing and fuel, mortgage and loan costs predicted to soar sky-high during the Winter – planning and reviewing your finances is vital.
Watch those pennies...
There are plenty of simple ways to save on your regular spending that could free funds to help clear debt, save or make available for other expenses

Reduce debt...
Commit today to reversing the trend and avoiding unnecessary stress – saving not only money but your health as well. Simply start off by having a plan

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